Dogs In Uttara Are Competing Against Each Other With Pooping

As the days go by, it seems the stray dogs of Uttara have established a new tradition that caters to their competitive side.

And that is pooping on the streets of Uttara. Small, big, mushed or perfectly formed poops. Even poops that are so big, you look away in horror. Someone thought at some point they’ve even surpassed the rate of poop emojis.

They have a scoring system established which is based on things like pooping at the least sighted location which catches unsuspecting pedestrians at their footsteps, pooping around fancy or unreachable places and last but not least, pooping few inches away from tree plantations. Pretty irritating if you ask me.

Sector 3 has been turning into a big hotspot for the pooping phenomenon. So much so that Dhaka City Corp clean up workers became fed up and sent a formal complaint to their head office.

Time will tell whether this stops or continues to go on. Then again, maybe the locals could help by potty training some of them?

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