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Dhanmondi Girl Breaks Up With Boyfriend For Calling Her “Farm Er Murgi”


As we all know about the tradition of Dhaka city college and Dhaka college. Fariha and sabbir were no different. Their love story started when sabbir as usual was trying to tease city college girls, but when he saw Samira he couldn’t take his off and fell in love. He said that she reminded him of his childhood pet murgi of village called Lali.


Recently they went on a date at dhanmondi and sabbir called her “My farm er murgi, I love you”. To this Fariha got really mad at him and broke up with him immediately. She called her dccian friends to beat her boyfriend too.


She said it was expected from any Dcian guy to call them Farm er murgi but she never really expected that she would be heartbroken just before Valentine’s day. She even said that Sabbir used to treat her like a Murgi too sometimes. But Sabbir still wants her back. Let’s see if they patch up.


Written by Anastasia

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