Dhanmondi Thief Reportedly Returned A Huawei Phone Back To Its Owner

It’s no surprise that Google is cutting back on its business with Huawei. Now, most Huawei phone owners are in a huge dilemma. Huawei has been the best phone for every need and budget. However, this whole crisis has put the users and the company at a risk.

Now, about a month back, a guy named Faisal lost his Huawei P9 smartphone. It was bizarre for him as he had earned the phone all by himself. In other words, he bought the phone all with his own money, which he earned from tutoring school kids. With much sadness, he had no other option but to use a spare old Samsung Duos that used to be his first ever phone.

However, just two days back, he got a call from an unknown number. He picked up the call and it was a guy crying on the other end of the phone. Faisal got shocked. He had no idea how to react as he had never received a call from a stranger who would start the conversation crying.

“Bhaiya, I’m really sorry, bhaia. I am the thief who stole your Huawei P9 smartphone a month back. And now karma has played its dirty game. The phone doesn’t seem to work like it used to before and so, I would want to return it to you as it’s of no use anymore. Please come and collect it today from Dhanmondi 32 at 7 pm. I will be wearing a blue colour hoodie just so you can recognize me.”

Before Faisal could say anything, the phone went blank. Faisal was still in shock as he had no idea if this was a prank or something serious. Unknowingly, he went to Dhanmondi 32 at 7 pm just to see if it’s actually true or not. Surprisingly, there was a man wearing a blue hoodie waiting adjacent to Santoor restaurant! Faisal went to talk to the guy and the guy handed him the phone and ran away. He did not even get the chance to say something to the thief. And of course, he had his face hidden all throughout the time.

So, guys, if you have lost your Huawei phone, chances are, you might be getting it back!

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