Dhanmondi Teen Steals His Father’s Credit Card To Buy A Brand New Bike

Motorcycle is a dream of so many teenagers now-a-days who love to ride it. Sunny is one of those teenagers who is fond of motorcycle too & undoubtedly Yamaha motorcycle was in his priority list for its’ premium look.

But he can’t buy any as he is too young to earn money & his father is such a miser man that he doesn’t want to give him money to buy any motorcycle. But Sunny was very desperate about it so an evil idea played in his mind. One day when his father was sleeping, he stole the credit card of his father from his pocket & secretly bought a brand new motorcycle which he had been dreaming to buy.

Sunny proved that if you are dreaming to have anything, you should somehow manage any way to gain that.


Written by Riasat Hossain

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