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Dhanmondi Teen gets banned from NSU for not taking shower in 6 Months


For prestigious private universities like NSU, maintaining the code and conducts of the university is very important. Badol Karim realized the importance of this the hard way. Badol is a 3rd-year student of North South University. He is studying BBA like every other clueless teen in Bangladesh. But it seems unlikely that he will get his degree anytime soon because he just got banned from NSU for violating the “Code of Conduct for Odor(CCO)”.


Badol was first approached by his Marketing faculty about his bad odor when he came to his MKT class after traveling for an hour from Dhanmondi by Pathao. The moment he walked into class, everyone felt disturbed by his messy hair, disgusting odor, and horrible fashion sense. The faculty did not want to embarrass him in front of everyone so he sent Badol an official email after the class was over. But to the faculty’s surprise, Badol gave the most outrageous excuse possible. Badol replied to the faculty’s message by saying “Sir, my Ex-girlfriend challenged me that I couldn’t get any horrible than I already am. So I accepted her challenge and decided to not take a shower all throughout winter to prove to her that I am more than what she thinks of me. I can become a worse human being compared to what I was to her. So for the sake of my pride, please allow me to continue spreading odor in the class. Thank you.” After receiving this message, Badol’s marketing faculty was furious. He showed this to the Student Affairs office. The administration decided to ban Badol from the university until he apologizes to his faculty and takes a shower.



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