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Dhanmondi Teen Caught Stealing His Bestfriend’s Phone & Finds His Girlfriend’s Graphic Images On It


Even though most Dhanmondhi teenagers come from super rich families, the need for thrill never seems to exit their minds. Sajid , who is currently a 10th grader, is one of such cool kids of dhanmondi.


Mehrab is Sajid’s bestfriend. They have been friends since the two of them were so young that they used to dance around in their diapers. Mehrab has been dating Aonkita for the past 3 years. Though he had feelings for Aonkita from even before 3 years. So by the virtue of being Meherab’s bestfriend, Sajid and Aonkita also became good friends once Mehrab and Aonkita started dating. But things started getting complicated from here. Sajid started having feelings for Aonkita. The feelings got so strong that when Mehrab told Sajid that he and Aonkita were exchanging “NICE” videos with each other, Sajid couldn’t take it anymore.


He stole Mehrab’s phone and found a picture of Mehrab and his ex-girlfriend , Sruthi. Sajid sent Aonkita an “indecent”  picture of Mehrab and Shruti . Aonkita was furious because Shruti was Aonkita’s biggest enemy. Aonkita felt betrayed and left Mehrab for good. Sajid and Aonkita are now living happily ever after thanks to Sajid’s phone stealing skills.


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