Dhanmondi Teen Breaks His Fast By Smoking A Cigarette

The month of Ramadan is a very holy month for every Muslim out there and it can be a really tough time for chainsmokers. Fasting doesn’t allow anything and it definitely doesn’t allow smoking. So, it’s tough for chainsmokers to not smoke a single cigarette for over 14 hours. Shafin Mahmud, is a teen from Dhanmondi who is heavily addicted to smoking. Cigarettes are like water to him, can’t survive without them.

But in spite of being a chainsmokers, he’s very religious and that’s why it’s tough for him to not smoke cigarettes during Ramadan. But Shafin has found a modern solution for this modern problem of his, Shafin breaks his fast by smoking cigarettes. Yes, you read it right, the first thing that Shafin does to break his fast is smoke a cigarette. Shafin’s parents are strictly against this and have tried to stop him but Shafin can’t resist himself.

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