Dhanmondi Girl Starts Biting Everyone Near Her After Getting No Place To Have Lunch In Dhanmondi


Hunger has always been a prime factor for everyone, but not everyone gets what they need all the time. Nabiha Jahan a self-declared foodie has a regular schedule of having foods in different food corners, cafes or restaurants right after her regular classes with Saraf Alom her desperate lover but whom she has friend zoned, according to her sayings. Anyways not exposing furthermore about personal stuff. Last Tuesday after their classes they had plans on going to H2O, a restaurant in Dhanmondi.


But unfortunately, they could not find a place there to have lunch. So they skipped to the next cafe and that went on for a number of places as well. They were perplexed to see they can’t find a place to sit for lunch. Both of them had classes from 8:00 am till 1:00 pm at a stretch. The condition was becoming worse. Nabiha was becoming furious, Saraf tried to calm her down but it got worse.

Out of nowhere, something got channeled on her or something and she started acting crazy and started biting everyone she puts an eye on in front. Saraf was terrified, he called 911 immediately and got her admitted to Square Hospital. The doctor said she will be fine as soon as she gets something to eat. After getting proper food treatment doctor came out saying:


Everyone is out of Danger, she is fine now. You can take her home within an hour!

Saraf informed that to Nabiha’s parents and everything was back to normal.


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