Dhanmondi Girl Hospitalized After Being Chased By A Flying Cockroach

Cockroaches can be scary. It’s not mainly about the harm that it would do instead it’s about how disgusting it is. Statistics claim that girls are more likely to be afraid of cockroaches but that doesn’t mean all girls are scared of cockroaches, there are still a few who can fight off cockroaches without any fear. Nishat Haque is definitely not one of them. Nishat is terrified of cockroaches and if she sees one, the first thing she would do is scream and start running like a maniac.

That’s exactly what happened on 3rd June, Nishat saw a flying cockroach and started running like a maniac but accidentally she hit her head with a wall and became unconscious. Nishat was hospitalized but she is fine now. We hope that she can overcome her fear of cockroaches and anything like this will not happen again.

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