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Dhanmondi Girl Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend For Taking Her To “Tong Er Dokan” Instead Of Gloria Jeans


Many of us go to different restaurants for hangout with our friends or for a date. That’s why now-a-days going to tong dokan for taking tea is hardly in vogue.


Meanwhile Rajib, a boy from Dhanmondi also went on a date but didn’t have enough money to go to a costly restaurant. So he took his girlfriend Sadia to a nearby “Tong er dokan” to have tea. But Sadia was a rich kid & used to go to cool & well decorated coffee houses. She wasn’t accustomed to have tea in such place. She was quite stubborn too as well. So she refused to have tea there. But Rajib had no alternative to that & that made Sadia so angry that she initiated to do breakup with her.


You should always keep in mind that having a rich kid girlfriend is enough to make your wallet empty within the blink of an eye.


Written by Goku

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