Dhanmondi Boys Launching Event For Planning “What To Do During Bunking Tarawi”

On a statistic, the most creative people on earth are found from the heart of megacity Dhaka. Which is commonly known as “Dhanmondi”. Dhanmondians are always recognized as the trendsetter for the youth. Keeping the tradition alive they have again come into the limelight by launching event an on a very controversial one.

During Ramadan, Dhanmondi boys bring a new culture of socializing which is by bunking Tarawi consistently. This year they have taken it to a new dimension. They have launched an event on facebook to make it a very collaborative one. As they mostly don’t know each other well and their bunking session mostly confined in to get introduced with each other. This year they have planned to perform something very new in times.

Young Dhanmondi dwellers have shown their interest on this issue, as a massive number of people have already put “going” there. But few of them are facing problems, as their parents have also put “going” to see what their children are doing. Regarding that issue, the event creator informed that they also have separate facebook and messenger group to make the genuine people updated about their activities.

People have strongly opposed regarding this matter.  “Everything isn’t fun, as the young generation is growing up they should start to distinguish between fun and serious things”. Not only from their side, as a nation, but we also shouldn’t really support this kind of things. Let’s see whether these strong words can make the young blood realized about their doings!


Written by Kakashi

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