Dhanmondi 6/A Teen Became Heartbroken After Tong-er Mama Died


Getting your heart broken is not that hard nowadays given you fall in love with someone every 5 secs thanks to the age of science and tinder. As a result of which, deaths don’t bother us that much anymore because how much could someone’s death hurt compared to the pain you felt when Juliet ran off with your best friend Tom’s dad. Unless of course you are Dhanmondi 6/A teen and the person who died is your Tong’er Mama.


Now, I know it hurts too much to talk about it but let’s do it anyway. On 26th of September, Sakib was driving through the streets of Dhanmondi 6/A in his lemon green X Corolla car. Like his everyday routine, he was going to visit his favorite Tong that is right beside “ Dhanmondi Coaching Center for Swag Teens” to have his daily dose of 3 packets of “ Absolutely not detrimental to health puff”. He likes to walk into the class smelling like he just smoked puff.


It’s a 21st-century cool kid thing. But this day was different. When he went to ask the tong er mama for his “regular order”, he saw the tong was empty. He was surprised and at the same time afraid that he would have to attend classes smelling like a non-puffer average teenager. He searched everywhere within 5 feet of the tong but couldn’t find the mama. All of a sudden a very pretty girl walked up to him and said that the tong is closed because she accidentally stepped on the little finger of the tong’er mama with her 3-inch high heel. The mama was in the hospital for 3 hours and eventually died. Sakib walked to his class being heartbroken.


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