Dhakiya Girl Was Thinking For 5 Months That She’s Pregnant But Turned Out It Was Food


Sadia is a random girl from Puran Dhaka. She had been thinking for 5 months that she was pregnant. When she saw her belly was getting fatter, she went to the doctor to check up whats wrong. Doctor told her that she’d probably be pregnant. Sadia was suprised in the first as her husband is always sleeping after office load and in the mood of “ami ghume thaki amr hishab thake na” But later she thought it might be for “hishab thake na”. May be it was a very dark night when they had a ” hishab thake na” situation.


And for that Sadia got pregnant. Doctor also checked up everything and confirmed her pregnancy. Five months after confirm her pregnancy, one day she felt terrible pain in her belly and went to the doctors, then they invented the actual truth, it was not baby , it was the food and and extreme food that may caused gas. Sadia is now kinda sad thinking about that she won’t be a mother soon and also happy thinking about she can eat anything now, No diet plan for the pregnancy.



Written by Eleven

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