Dhaka TSC To Win The Best Food Award 2019


Recently we heard in a breaking news that Tsc snacks are about to have a Guinness world record of having thee cheapest food in world. But now it has broke all other records and wins a Globally renowned Best Food Award 2019.


People from all over the world are lining up at the Bangladesh Visa application center just to visit Dhaka and have snacks of the award winning Tsc. It is a matter of great proud for all Bangladeshi.

It is the in the history of Bangladesh that at a time 3 dishes named tea, Shingara and Chop won such award. Not an ordinary award but the award for World’s best dish. Now a days it is seen that thee Tsc area is crowded at least by 1 lac Bangladeshi.


It is a matter of time we will grow bigger and be represent such more deshi food internationally like TSC snacks did. TSC snacks are just a role model for all other restaurants over country and famous masterchefs all over the world.


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