Dhaka Girl Created History By Not Shouting Even After Seeing A Cockroach

What does a girl fear most? A knife? A villain? Obviously, not! Cockroach is the only creature that is the most deadly thing in the eyes of the girl. But, a Dhaka girl created history by not shouting even after seeing a dangerous cockroach.

Cockroach is the most helpless insect in the world. They cannot bite. Still, people react in a way as if cockroach would kill them. More specifically, girls get frightened whenever they see a cockroach around them. But, why do they do it to a most helpless creature? The answer is unknown.

Yesterday, a Dhaka girl, named Purnima, was studying in her room. Suddenly, she discovered a cockroach on his book. Her younger brother was beside her. He was expecting either a high jump or shouting and hue and cry from Purnima. But, incredibly, the girl didn’t react for 30 seconds and after that 30 seconds, the cockroach left the room. She neither shouted not jumped! After seeing that, Purnima’s younger brother awarded his elder sister with a chocolate for her historical bravery. And Purnima also realized that, cockroach doesn’t really do any harm to the girls.

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