Devastating Breakup Of Kylie Jenner With Travis Scott As He Cheats On Her With An Egg


By now we all know the tragic story that broke Kylie’s heart and YUP, it was an egg who played with her fame. Now that the world record breaking egg received more likes than Kylie it wasn’t just the end of it.


As Kylie Jenner was emotionally devastated being a Kardashian that an egg is now much more popular than her, she decided to take a break from social life and approach for more aesthetic pictures on her Instagram feed but later on she discovered her boyfriend Travis Scott was the main reason behind the mysterious which broke the record.

Kylie was disheartened for what happened and Travis gave a less f*ck to her presence which literally had to break her even more. Kylie discovered Travis was cheating on her all the time with many eggs but one particular egg that Travis fell in love with is now much more famous. Kylie later on approached to Travis and discovered him sleeping with an egg under the blanket, she immediately left his place and announced on social media about Travis cheating on her.


Travis explained to her that the particular egg he was sleeping with made him feel special and gave him more energy than Kylie ever did. Heart breaking as it is, Kylie is now single and ready to mingle with anyone also Travis exposed her secret relationship with the bodyguard and indeed the child wasn’t his all along.


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