“Cristiano Ronaldo Is Gay”- Trapped Like A Rat In The Game Of Ask.Me

Cristiano Ronaldo, 5 times Ballon d’Or winner, the role model for millions of young lads have got caught for the act of gay attitude in a new non-popular anonymous texting app “”. Like every other anonymous texting app this one also just has nothing to catch the eye of the people. But suddenly this has come to the center point of talking after it has got engaged with the richest athlete of the world Cristiano Ronaldo.

Controversy has always been the key to reach people. Just like the useless app “”, the new uprising pointless app “” also decided to reveal the anonymous guys’ names. But the difference was in there were millions of harassing messages to the girl which referred to at least a straight relationship between people; has got the recognition to connect the LGBT community after the glorifying controversy regarding Cristiano Ronaldo.

After a hectic lost against Roma in the last Sunday Ronaldo seemed to be very disappointed. Even he engaged with a nasty fight against Roma player Florenzi, as Ronaldo mocked about him by saying “You are too short to talk with me”. Not only the last match, but the first season in Juventus also hasn’t passed the way Ronaldo wanted. Eliminated from the quarter-final in UCL and Coppa Italia, less competitive Seria A title remains the only achievement. Furthermore, Ronaldo is way past in the Ballon d’or run, while his biggest rival Lionel Messi has already kept a hand in it.

All these have made Ronaldo frustrated. He is not even finding peace in his personal life. He has lost his taste from his partner Georginagio, which is found in An anonymous guy who was a big Ronaldo fanboy wrote he is always a big supporter of CR7 and ready to anything for him, Cristiano Replied “Come over me”. Even he asked to meet in a secret place with that anonymous guy.

While the whole football world has wondered, Koke isn’t one of them. Atletico Madrid midfielder recognized Cristiano as a gay back in 2016. Rather, he thanked to take the truth come into the daylight.

While thanked for bringing the overall thing in front of all, many people have discouraged this initiative of As they said, everyone has their own choice of living. If someone has an attraction with his equal gender, let the guy live his life. They heavily criticized app for revealing the names. Nonetheless, authority made it very obvious, saying that, anonymous texting game is always fun. So, let’s take the fun out of it. Stay tuned see what Ronaldo comes up with this incident.


Written by Kakashi

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