Couple Suffers Diarrhea After Having Iftar In New Market For The First Time

After fasting for over 12 hours, everyone wants to have a great Iftar and that’s why, a lot of people aren’t afraid to spend money on buying Iftar during Ramadan. This is exactly what Habib and Sadia did, they are a newly married couple from Uttara and they had decided to buy Iftar from New Market on the 3rd day of Ramadan but this turned out to be the worst mistake of their lives.

After having Iftar from New Market, Habib and Sadia started suffering from Diarrhea. Both of them are certain that the reason behind them suffering from Diarrhea is having Iftar from New Market because that’s the only unhealthy food both of them ate in weeks.

Habib and Sadia regret buying Iftar from New Market and thus, we should also take lessons and choose our Iftar wisely.

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