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Couple Eats Doi Fuchka At New Market & Gets Dirrhoea After Getting On A Rickshaw


Being someone who has had pineapple and milk on the same day and did not die, I can attest to the fact that I have officially tasted every food in Dhaka that is a potential candidate for giving anyone a Diarrhea. However, the food that stood out to me the most and made me pay a visit to the doctor was Doi fuchka from New Market.


The Fuchkawala mama can attest to the fact that I am his best customer. I pay him a visit once a month to detox myself. Every time I have his Doi Fuuchka, I end up pooping out everything I ate the whole month. So I decided to make the Doi Fuchka from New Market my detoxifier.


Now, instead of spending all my money to make Dragon fruit and Watermelon smoothie, I spend TK 15  and get my natural cleanser Doi Fuchka every month. I have never been slimmer because I have never had a finer Diarrhea.


Written by Bruce Wayne

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