China Is Looking For Keka Ferdousi To Make Her A Judge Of MasterChef China

Ramadan is right around the corner which means we will soon be able to witness the recipes of Keka Ferdousi. But there’s a chance that Keka Ferdousi won’t be with us during this Ramadan. No, she didn’t die by eating her own food. She is being searched by Chinese people so that they can make her the judge of MasterChef China. MasterChef China’s judge ‘Cao Kefan’ has quit and thus, there’s a vacant spot for a new judge. And there are rumours that this new judge is going to be Keka Ferdousi. Apparently, the Chinese people love her recipes and they think that her unique taste buds should make her a good judge and thus, they want to appoint her as the new judge. Keka Ferdousi hasn’t said anything about all of this yet but we hope to get some news soon.

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