Chicken Drugged With YabaBa In Uttara Is Laying Non Stop Eggs


As we all know Uttara is a famous place having most of the attractive sites. Some people also claim Uttara as village but sadly those people even uses the airport of the village to travel. But recently it is heard that a chicken from a poultry of Mr. Chan Mia is laying on stop eggs which could fulfill the demand of eggs in whole Dhaka city.


When asked Chan Mia what he feeds his chicken he realizes he fed the chicken with YabaBa. According to Mr. Chan Mia the chicken was very retarded and was less efficient. It is hard to say but the chicken was a male. Still Mr. Chan Mia forced the chicken to lay eggs.

Later having no other way Chan Mia forced the Chicken to have YabaBa. Later the chicken felt a little unwell and was taken to the doctor. But after being cured the chicken is almost giving thousands of eggs everyday. Even if all people of Uttara feed on the eggs the number will not decrease.


It is a great invention of Chan Mia to increase efficiency of the poultry chickens. He is the first in the world to introduce everyone with such method. We can also say that Mr Chan Mia will be immortal for such invention and contribution towards science.


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