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BUPian Girl Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend For Saying BUP Is A Private University


There are many secrets in the society which don’t get revealed so easily. BUP being a public university or not is also one of those secrets. Some regard it as a public university, some don’t.


Meanwhile Sabbir was also confused by this secret. He is a student of a public university & his girlfriend Samira is studying in BUP. Two days ago they went on a date. After ordering the food, Sabbir was scrolling his facebook page & saw a meme about BUP. He couldn’t prevent himself from asking Samira why people regard BUP as a private university . Samira claimed BUP as a public university again. But Sabbir did a sarcastic comment about BUP as he thinks BUP being public varsity too. That made Samira so angry that she did shout at him & left the place instantly.


That incident had a major impact on their relationship that Samira did break up with Sabbir. So be careful when you talk about your lover’s university.


Written by Goku

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