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BUP Student Couldn’t Unlock Her iPhone X In The Fresher’s Program For Putting Extra Makeup


Anika is a girl from BUP who bought her new iPhone X as the fresher program was coming soon and she needed to take mirror selfie in Radisson’s washroom to post it on Snapchat. So Anika started to do makeup from the morning for getting the best look in the evening’s fresher program. But problem started when she went to unlock her phone.


Her phone couldn’t recognize her face with makeup. She tried everything to unlock her phone. Pouting , licking sign , victory sign and what not , but nothing made her phone turned on. There was no way to unlock it. She couldn’t even take off her makeup because everyone will find out her real face with dark circles and she wouldn’t be able to be the HOTTEST APU.


So she borrowed her classmate’s Xiaomi phone and took few selfies at least. Now Anika has decided she will better buy Xiaomi. At least she can have Xiaomi camera watermark.


Written by Eleven

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