BUP Guy Gets Backlashed When He Looks For A Delete Button For Shutki Saying It’s Crap

There are two kinds of Bengalis: one who loves shutki and the other who hates it.

Well, whichever side you are in, you can’t un-smell shutki once you have smelled it for at least once in your lifetime. This guy looks for a delete button where he could delete shutki forever. Moreover, he says that it’s crap and it shouldn’t exist at all.

Furthermore, coming across the comments, it’s surprising to see that there are more people against it rather than going on supporting the guy. More people said that the guy himself should not exist as shutki is delicious and he’s missing something in life.

We wonder what else we have to see. Someday we’ll see that others are looking for an app where they can download pineapple on pizza(!)

What do you think guys? Should shutki be deleted from everywhere?

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