BUP Girl Makes Love With A Seasonal Boatman To Move Free Of Cost In Mirpur In Rainy Day

When there is rain, there are chances of roads getting sunk. If roads get sunk, boatmen arrive in the city with their boats. In the recent days, heavy rain made a massacre in Mirpur area that most of the roads got overflown with rain water. Thats why many boats were seen moving there.

A BUP girl named Sadia had to move in the mirpur area five days in a week because of her varsity being situated in Mirpur. She had to face a lot of trouble to move there. That’s why she decided to persuade a seasonal boatman living in Mirpur. She met a boatman one day & took his mobile number. Then she started to make love with him.

Now Sadia goes to campus & comes back from campus everyday without any boat fare in the rainy days. Who would like to grab the idea of Sadia too? Let’s see.

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