Breakup After Couple Fights Over PUBG

PUBG, this is not just a game. This is more than a game. Specialists say PUBG ‘s  the hidden abbreviation of PLAY UNTIL you get a BREAKUP from GIRLFRIEND.Exactly This is what happened with a PUBG player,Salman.

Salman’s life was bitter not better when PUBG wasn’t in his life. In a hot summer day he found PUBG from play store  while he was searching an offline app called Roshe Bhora Bangla Choti. Because he was bored of making out with his girlfriend while listening to Pop songs. Finally he got something exciting. He started playing PUBG all the time. Even while making out with his girlfriend. He used to get bj while he is in the final circle in PUBG..Life seemed very perfect until his girlfriend started to complain about why he plays PUBG too much. His girlfriend thinks listening to Pop songs while making out was more exciting. Salman understood, this is the time to meet his girlfriend with PUBG if he wants to save his relationship. He installed PUBG in his girlfriend’s phone.And then what happened everyone can guess.His girlfriend became very serious about PUBG. Everything was going very perfectly just like before. But one day It happened finally, they played a tournament together and  Salman killed his girlfriend.Wait, wait. Don’t panic. He killed his girlfriend in PUBG tournament. It was nothing serious but he couldn’t understand why his girlfriend took it very seriously .His girlfriend got mad  at him and dramatically said ‘ how could you kill me babe,babe,babe’ 3 times in a row, just like Hindi series. And finally it happened… PUBG  happened. PLAY UNTIL you get a BREAKUP from GIRLFRIEND….That made him sad though.But later he understood he doesn’t need any chicks in his life anymore. All he needs is chicken dinner.And then Salman and PUBG lived happily ever after.

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