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BREAKING: Teen To Have His Pack Of Marlboro Advance Hijacked In Dhanmondi Area


On 9th January, Rakib Ahmed was returning back to home from work and then something terrible happened. Both his office and home are in Dhanmondi and they aren’t that far from each other. But on 9th January, something horrific happened before he could cross this small distance.Rakib got hijacked but that isn’t even the shocking part, he got hijacked for a pack of Marlboro Advance. Yes, you read it right, a pack of Marlboro Advance. He later told us that he had 20,000 Taka with him but the hijackers only took his pack of Marlboro Advance.Rakib is happy that his 20,000 Taka is safe but at the same time, that was his last pack of Marlboro Advance. So, next time while walking alone, remember to keep your pack of Marlboro Advance safe.



Written by Vegeta

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