BREAKING: Reveals Almost All Anonymous User Details Calling It A Data Breach has been facing severe scrutiny over Facebook as to how they revealed all their user private details over the internet. An attack at their headquarters had revealed all their user’s personal data, among which USA & Philippines tops in the first place holding the greatest number of users. With so many data breaches that has been happening in the world today, this is the largest breach in the internet history of over 10-years. The attackers misused one of the features of the app to gain access over its users’ account and control them just the way they want it to.

We have the responsibility of protecting your data, and in any way, if we are unable to do so, then we don’t even preserve the right to serve you,” said the CEO of the app. Furthermore, he added, “we made a huge mistake by revealing the data, there’s more we need to work on and thus we need to step up our game.

After all, many users relied on this app to confess their feelings to others. We all knew that the internet is a dangerous place with zero privacy, and with this recent data breach, it has been proven that nowhere over the internet it is safe to confess your personal feelings. If you are planning on opening a fake account just to work on these kinds of stuff, be sure that there’s something called an IP address that can be traced!

It’s tragic news for most of its users and has buffeted this month. It has caused severe worry to its users and has even affected the entire social media system among youngsters. This has led to many people googling ‘how to reveal anonymous name on profoundly’, ‘how to find the person who messaged me on profoundly’ which eventually led those people to those vulnerable schemes.

About three software hacks in the app’s system allowed the hackers to break into all the users account to get their personal information. has fixed the vulnerabilities, but it’s not possible to bring back the users their lost dignity. The software officials are still not aware of the attackers’ personal identity as their investigation is still in the initial stages.

What critics have to say in this regard is that has yet to come in terms with their personal problems. So many people are displeased by the way has breached their privacy.

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