BREAKING: People Are Now Starting To Sleepover At Crimson Cup

Crimson Cup is an restaurant which is located in Uttara , Gulshan and Dhanmondi. It is safe to say that this restaurant is loved by wide range of people because unlike other restaurants, they have a sofa and library for people who does not usually order food. So basically some people just go there spend time with their friends and order nothing. It has has become a part of their lives. Some couples have made it their common date spot as the boyfriend has to spend nothing. In their defense, Crimson’s officials did not action regarding this which means they have no problem with these people.

However some people has taken this too far as they started plan sleepover at  Crimson. Yesterday I took my girlfriend to Crimson as I said I’ll do anything she wants. So we had quite a date until it was time to leave. It was 11:30 pm and we were the second last customer to leave. While I walking towards the exit, I noticed this group of people. One of them was my friends brother so I asked him when he would leave, and then he answered that they are planning sleepover here. I even overheard some of the waiters whispering ‘chesra’ pointing at them. I left immediately. Guys this needs to be stopped


Written by Martin Atkinson

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