BREAKING: Keka Ferdousi Is Going To Use Banana Smash With Noodles Today

As a Bangladeshi, almost every people know about this woman’s act of kindness. In this special month. this woman is seen to be very busy every afternoon working hard to explore new recipes with noodles. In every single episode, the honorable guests have to confess the foods are “Kub tash”. Hard work is the key to success and Keka Ferdousi is one of those living examples. She shows her unquestionable persistence towards a single product to serve the entire humanity. While receiving a national award in 2016, she quoted “noodles weren’t noodles until I played with it”. This forever young woman has made it truly an asset in the cooking industry.

After experimenting with different kind of foods now she has decided to look into the fruits and vegetables. Regarding this issue, she said, “In Ramadan after fasting the whole day, the human body needs instant energy, so now my focus is set on there”. When she was asked that the human body needs fruits and vegetables for energy then why noodles? Hearing the question, she became angry and left the show quickly just like her instant noodles.

After all the discussion, we have to agree that whether someone likes her foods or not, no one can deny her determination. In 2018 she achieved “International Robert Bruce Award” for her consistent perseverance. She is a hard worker like Cristiano Ronaldo, she is creative like Lionel Messi. She is just like her noodles. As her noodles get mixed with all-natural ingredients, she is the combination of all praiseworthy characteristics of a human being. In this holy month of Ramadan, we praise her long life and wish to keep discovering new recipes to serve the humankind.


Written by Kakashi

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