BRACU Boy Is Expelled For Messaging Course Teacher “I Need Your Noods” Mistakenly

We all know how important notes are in the varsity life. Many of us can’t prepare the notes properly in our class & we have to suffer a lot for that when exams arrive. Sojib, a boy from BRACU faced such a problem as his mid term exam was knocking at the door. He wasn’t getting the class notes of his economics course before his exam day. He became very worried. Then he decided to contact his course teacher. He messaged his course instructor  madam to have the class note from her. But unfortunately he messaged her, “I need your nude” instead of “I need your note” for auto correction. Seeing that message, the ma’am became very angry & she complained to the authority for that. Later the authority expelled him for his objectionable message.So be careful when you message your course instructor.

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