BRAC University To Celebrate Eid Ahead Of Everyone

We all know that BRACU is one of the most progressive universities in Bangladesh. It has been trying its best to keep up with its education quality as well as other aspects. In fact, BRACU can easily be regarded as the number one private university in Dhaka. The reason? It can be divided into two criteria: the perpetual score and the factual score.

The factual score depends on the faculty, student services, learning resources and research, while the perpetual score is based on the graduates, faculty and the overall reputation of the university. So, we all know that BRACU has earned a great reputation throughout its operating years.

Their recent event of celebrating Pohela Boishakh (Bengali New Year) had been ridiculed by the public. That’s because they had celebrated Pohela Boishakh one week earlier than the actual date, 14th April. Now, we know that many institutes celebrate such events a little later than the actual date, but hardly have we ever seen anyone celebrating early. Well, the authorities probably thought “better late than never”.

Now that Eid is almost around the corner, rumours have it that BRACU would be celebrating Eid two days before the actual date. That’s because they love their students, faculties and other employees a bit too much and they wouldn’t want to spare a chance to celebrate Eid without them. At BRACU, they believe that they are all a family and that they share an unbreakable bond. Little did they know that celebrating Eid beforehand is not only ridiculous, but it’s also impossible.

Well, we are all eagerly waiting for BRACU to come up with their Eid celebrations. We just hope that they don’t receive much backlash this time.

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