Boyfriend Broke Up As His Girlfriend Sits Beside Her Friend’s Driver


No matter how much we brag about equality and modernisation of today’s world, there is always a line between things that boys “can do” and girls “cannot do”. Such incident happened with a girl aged 18.


One fine day, the girl with her friend gang was intending to go for the next coaching together after finishing the first one. Madly in love, the girl bid a good bye to her boyfriend and she was heading forward towards her friend’s car. But suddenly she thought of purchasing a packet of chips from the shop near by. After doing so she returned, and saw that already 4 of her friends settled themselves in the back seat. So she decided to take the front seat to sit. She didn’t know it was the worst decision that she took. As misfortune stroke her that day, her boyfriend spotted her seating next to her friend’s driver, and he called her instantly to announce the news of breaking up. Shocked on hearing this she did ask him the reason of course! But upon hearing the reason of breakup she too ended her last conversation with him by saying, ” guu kha!”.



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