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Boy Passed From Boys’ School Becomes Emotional After Finding Beautiful Girls In IUB


Life of a Bengali boy who studied in boys’ school & college can be sometimes very difficult to explain because he hardly gets the opportunity to get acquainted with any same aged girl except social media & combined coaching.


Rony was also such a boy who passed his SSC & HSC from Boys’ School & College. He always dreamt the dream of having either a relationship or a close friendship with a nice beautiful girl. But he couldn’t utilize none of them because of studying in boys’ school & college. Finally his dreams came true when he got admitted into university.

When he arrived in his varsity for the first time, he saw so many girls in the campus. Later he entered into the classroom of his department & saw a lot of beautiful girls there. He realized all of them are his classmates. One of the girls even came to him to get introduced.


That made him very emotional because he never got such approach from any girl.Rony is now a very happy boy. He has already made a lot of female friends. He hopes that will help him to improve his knowledge about woman psychology.


Written by Goku

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