Boy Named Sakib Breaks Up With His GF For Saying “Slowly,Ashiq” During Making Love

People who are in relationships experience new things each & every day. Meanwhile a young boy named Sakib faced something outrageous which none would really expect.A few days ago, he went on a date with his girlfriend Anika. They went to a quite dark restaurant which would provide them some privacy to spend some time together. When they reached in the restaurant, there were hardly any people. They sat on a couch & ordered a waiter to give them some food.

Then Sakib approached to his girlfriend & wanted to make love with her. But soon she replied saying, “Go slowly, Ashiq.” That reply from Anika made Sakib astonished. He realized that a lot of things she experienced earlier in her life with her ex Ashiq. So at once he stood up & told her, “It’s over between us.” So if you have read this & experienced so many things with your ex too like Anika, be careful about those during the excited phase of your current relationship.

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