Boy From Dhanmondi Breaks Up With Girlfriends Prior Pohela Boishakh To Avoid Getting Caught

Dhanmondi Playboy breaks up with girlfriends before pohela boishakh to avoid getting caught. He has begged us to not reveal his name so we won’t. But if you have been dumped recently… well.. think about it.

Our sources have found that a Dhanmondi boy living has broken up with both of his girlfriends before pohela boishakh to avoid getting caught. Reportedly both of his girlfriends wanted to meet him on the occasion during day time to go to fairs.

Firstly, fairs are insanely crowded, in bangla what they say “gizgiz kortese”. And if you are a playboy or know any, you would know to avoid crowded places (especially in Dhaka where everyone knows everyone), as there are chances you will run into the other girlfriend or one of her friends, who are obviously going to snitch to her or worse yet take a picture and post it on DSD.

Secondly, the only reason why girls want to go to fairs on pohela boishakh is to take eatimatedly billions of pictures. They will make their boyfriends match their punjabis to her saree, she will put insane amounts of makeup that will melt in the heat – making her look like Batman’s Joker at the end of the day but it will be worth it because she will get the perfect aesthetic picture for the “Gram”. You know the one in front of the Nagordola with a ghuri in her hand, fake smiling her mouth off while her boyfriend looks at her like we look at waiters carrying food in restaurants. Now ofcourse, our guy cannot possibly have these pictures on the Internet with two different girls because well the girlfriends will find out about each other and it will also mess with the ‘I am single ladies’ vibe he has going on allover his social media thus killing his chances with more ladies. If you didn’t know, the I am single vibe is when a guy posts a shirtless mirror selfie and writes captions such as ‘if you were my girl I would treat you like a queen’.

Therefore, our playboy has broken up with his girlfriends three days prior Pohela Boishakh and has decided to go to some Shisha Lounge but he is planning to get back with the ladies right after the clock hits 12 on the 14th.


Written by TossBiskut

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