Boy Buys Night Vision Goggles To Rewatch The Battle Of Winterfell

One of the most anticipated episodes of Game of Thrones has finally aired, it is named ” The Long Night”, otherwise known as ” The Battle Of Winterfell”. It is one of the most well-reviewed episodes to date, many terming it as the best the series has ever produced. This single episode took more than 55 days of shoot for this single episode, there are entire films which can be made in a less amount of time. The above bit of information just gives us an idea to grasp an idea of the scale and budget allocated for a single episode of Game of Thrones.

Now that we know a little bit about the episode, let us dig right into our story. A boy from Dhanmondi, we are keeping his name undisclosed, posted a status after watching the episode in Facebook, which went like, ” vai, von o vondura ame kicu dekte paccina, torss lite o meresi screen e, lav hossena”. He actually made a solid point. Many were saying that the Battle of Winterfell was darker and blurrier than the picture of the Blackhole.

Later the boy went to Unimart, got himself a pair of night vision goggles and re-watched the entire episode. He seemed rejoiced when he posted another Facebook status late in the day, ” vai, von o vondura ame sob kicu dekte pacci, chokher dakter er kace r jete hobena”. Well, what can we say, we are genuinely happy for him. This is an episode which should not be missed.


Written by the flying cow

14AGAIN Contributor, Bangladesh

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