Bob Marley Met Cliff Burton From Metallica In the Heaven And Turned Out To Be A Bass Guitarist : Revealed By Mrinal Haque


Robert Nesta Marley who is known as Bob Marley was a Jamaican singer and songwriter. He died at age 36 in 11th May 1981. Probably we all know that. But probably what we don’t know is Bob Marley’s ghost contacted with Mrinal Haque and told him about his metamorphosis of music genre. He said to Mrinal Haque how bored he was playing reggae , rocksteady and ska always during his alive time. But after his death, he met Cliff Burton who was the bassist of Metallica. Cliff told Bob that he and Lars was a huge fan of Bob Marley. Also gave bob a Metallica’s T-shirt.



Bob and Cliff did hangout a lot in the heaven. And cliff is teaching him to play bass guitar nowadays . And Bob Marley is really impressed by Metallica’s song. Bob also said to Mrinal Haque that he and Cliff headbang together to the song ‘Master of Puppets. Also Cliff died few months later after releasing this song where Bob died before forming this band.


So Bob Marley wanted the world to know about his new taste in music, also Cliff and his friendship in the heaven. So he told Mrinal Haque to make a statue of him where he will be wearing Metallica’s T-shirt and playing bass guitar, so that people can know about it. So we know about Bob Marley’s new  taste now by Mrinal Haque.let’s see who else going to change themselves and their taste.


Written by Eleven

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