Biman Got Their Imaan Back After The Storm

The recent storm has totally changed Dhaka city. Some say that it has made Dhaka more congested, while others say that the storm has ruined their day plans. Whichever is the case, we gotta admit that it has changed the way we see Dhaka. The storm has returned back Biman it’s “Iman”. It was seen that a building that had the neon sign of Biman Bangladesh Airlines had lost its fuse of the alphabet “B” and thus transformed into “Iman”.

  • Photo credit: Saharier Hossen via Traffic Alert

For those who are not sure about what Iman we are talking about, here you go:

An internet user have commented that they should edit the name and add an “E” so that it becomes “Beiman”. Well, we hope that Biman fixes this issue as soon as they can! After all, it’s tarnishing their reputation!

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