Barishailla Man Jumps Into River Water From A Launch To Bathe For Excessive Heat

Summer season just arrived & the temperature has suddenly risen up a lot which made the life of general people unbearable. People are sweating a lot, some are having dehydration, some are having diarrhoea.Meanwhile a Barishailla guy named Hasan did something beyond the imagination of all. He was going to his village in the weekend by a launch. He was feeling very uncomfortable as the weather was so warm. There were so many people in the launch.

The presence of such a number of people was making him exhausted. Finally he couldn’t control himself & so he jumped into the river water to bathe thinking it might give him some relief.People staying in the launch didn’t become surprised at all seeing the activity of Hasan as doing strange things is very much common to the Barishailla people.

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