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Barishailla farts In Chatgaiya Wedding, Bride And Groom Hospitalized


It is an incident of few weeks before a Barishailla attended the wedding ceremony of his friend. On his way to the wedding he ate peanuts and had gastric problems later on. So not being able to control the problem he farted hard inside the wedding hall.The man is a Barishailla local and came to Dhaka for job. His college friend who is from Chattagram recently invited his on his wedding ceremony and looking forward to meet his friend after such a long time.


Later on the marriage ceremony it was not the get together they expected rather became a great sad incident as his Barishailla friend released his toxic fart causing the bride and bridegroom to go senseless.So we must make people aware that its a heinous crime to fart in others marriage ceremony and create an obstruction.



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