Bangladeshi Slaps Indian For Saying ‘Sona Hoga’ At Night Thinking It Is A Slang


A foreign Indian visits Bangladesh for his official work. His name  is Patel who is working in a multinational company in India came to Bangladesh for a seminar of their company. So his colleague from Bangladesh named Mamun helped him a lot as a guide and as well as a helping hand.


But things turned worse as both friend went to a restaurant for dinner and after dinner they had bad words exchanged. Patel after dinner ended said his friend Mamun ‘ Sona Hoga’ as he felt sleepy. But Mamun got it all wrong and though Patel said slang to him as these Hindi words means a Bengali slang.

So without getting any point Mamun slapped his friend Patel hard and Patel’s tooth fell off. They started brawling in the restaurant and changed the map of each others face. They were unrecognizable after the fight as they beat crap out of each other.


Later this case was taken to police and made them both clear about the matter specially Mamun that it wasn’t a slang. So both friends hugged each other after that and went home having a plastic surgery on face.


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