Bangladeshi Living In New York Caught Red Handed By CIA For Downloading Pirated Songs


There are many characteristics that are attached to Bangladeshis. For example, we like to eat spicy food, we like to celebrate our weddings in a fancy manner and we love to enjoy free stuff. Downloading pirated songs has been such a trivial act in Bangladesh that nobody considers it a crime. In fact, half of us probably didn’t even know that it was a crime.


Altaf flew to NY last week. This was his first ever visit to NY. On his first few days, he felt very homesick and wanted to listen to the songs from his country. He wanted to hear the lovely voice of Mumtaz singing “ Bondhu jokhon bou loiya”. So he took matters into his own hands and went to download pirated songs from the internet. Within 20 mins, police had circled his house.


He looked out the window and though that he may have been playing music really loudly and thus the neighbors’ complained. He went downstairs to apologies for the high volume but they handcuffed him and said “ You have the right to remain silent” . He used his one phone call to call his mom and said “ Eida Kita Ailam? Gaan o ki Hunbar Parum na ?”


Written by Bruce Wayne

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