Banani Guy Thrashed By His Mom For Opening Door Whilst The AC Was On

Fahim Munir, a guy who lives in Banani recently became a disgrace to his family and also in his neighborhood. In a hot discussion in a tea stall near his home, it was heard that He was watching Star Jalsha in his room alone at noon time running the AC in his room. He was secretly watching “Ke Apon Ke Por” because he missed it previous night. But Suddenly he felt an urge of urinal frequency. He didn’t want to miss a single second of the show. But he couldn’t ignore the bladder call. So he quickly ran towards the bathroom keeping the door open whilst the AC was running. When he returned, his mom was waiting for him holding a roti making Belon in her left hand and on the other hand she held a “Khandani Jhata”. She beat the Shiit out of him saying, “AC on koira dorja khuila koi gesili? Taka akash theika pore janowar?!!”.

Fahim cried a lot saying, “Amma ar korbo na huhuhuhu…(crying) ”. But it was not heard by his mom and as a result he became senseless from the beating. Neighborhood aunties came to investigate the crime scene and discovered he was watching Star Jalsha secretly. So they did what they do best. Now the whole Banani knows that Fahim watches Star Jalsha secretly in his home.

The irony is when he came to his senses he asked what happened in that episode afterwards. This time his dad slapped him hard. So he went off to sleep again and we are waiting for next update. Our thoughts are with him.


Written by IamBatman

14AGAIN Contributor, Bangladesh

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