Arya Accepted The Proposal From A Mirpur Guy Just Because He Survived Mirpur

Arya is so popular among boys around the world for her pretty look and tough attitude. After killing the Night King her demand went sky high and teens around the globe are trying their luck and sending dozens of proposal each day that turning Arya mad. She mentioned she is not going to accept anyone except a real man and trolled they are so rare and she needs to wait till she turns 40. This disappointed most the boys out there. But some of them took this as a challenge to prove them as a real man. They’re sending tons of proposal explaining why they should be considered as man and Arya is having a tough time reviewing them all.

Metrorail, rain and several other reasons turned Mirpur into a warzone. People are saying it takes a lot of courage to live and transporting to Mirpur. Each day they’re facings hundreds of challenges that are not lower than kings landing. All the boys from Mirpur can be recognized as a real man for their challenging everyday life. But it is seen that most the girls out of Mirpur don’t want to date boys from Mirpur just because they have dark skin due to high air pollution and it’s an unreachable part of the City. Depressed and frustrated boys from Mirpur now are just writing sad posts on Social Media.

A guy from Mirpur Adib who’s a student of BUP and lives in Shewrapara, considering his heroic life in Mirpur took the challenge of winning Arya’s heart and sent his proposal straight away. He thinks his everyday commute from his home to his university makes him more man than even Jon Snow of Kings Landing. Arya who is already half dead reviewing all the proposals suddenly notice Adib’s proposal letter and seeing his struggling life and heroic activities didn’t take much deciding her boyfriend. She immediately contacted Adib and told him that he’s the guy that she was dreaming for since childhood. She invites him to Kings Landing as her boyfriend. Receiving this news Adib can’t believe his reality that the most hated thing in his life gave him the best gift.


Written by Salsabil Jilani

14AGAIN Contributor, Bangladesh

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