Artist Painted His Imaginary Girl And Slept With It For The Whole Valentine’s Day


This is a sad short story about Sayeef who is a traditional artist from Bangladesh. He is a 25 years old self taught artist.Vincent Van Gogh is his biggest inspiration and like Van Gogh , he is also a sad soul. His girlfriend broke up with him two years ago for not giving a free portrait of her crush. But in this year’s Valentines Day he really wanted to sleep with someone whom he loves. But in this plastic world, there’s none to love. So he drew his imaginary girl and slept with his painting. This how short story ended.

Sayeef is now a big time dreamer and he is happy that is can sleep peacefully thinking about his painting. Sayeef is living a good life with his beloved painting and says he doesnt need a girlfriend to be a happy person. As being a loner Sayeef is very calm and productive and he started painting on daily basis which is helping him acquire money, he says he is getting married to his beloved painting as soon as possible.


Written by Eleven

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