Apple’s New iPhone Wouldn’t Cost More Than 99 USD And It Is For The Poor People In Africa


Apple believes in innovation and this year, they have came up with something that nobody expected in their wildest dreams. Apple first came up with ‘the notch’ and literally every mobile company started copying them but this time, their new innovation is going to change apple forever.


When we hear Apple, the first word that comes to our mind is expensive. Apple products are expensive and every wannabe rich kid wants to get their hands on it. Apple has been making expensive premium phones for years but not anymore. Their new Iphone is going to cost under $100. Yes, this isn’t any rumor, Apple have announced on their official Google+ account that their new Iphone is not going to cost more than 100 dollars.


According for Apple’s analysis, moving ahead with such concept will enable Apple to grab more clients who are actually poor and their target is set for Africans. This is going to change Apple forever and it might actually turn super beneficial for them.


Written by Vegeta

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