Angry Chickens Gang Up To Kill Fox That Entered Their Coop

Chickens in a poultry farm at an agricultural school, are suspected of pecking a fox to death.Students discovered the fox’s body in the morning. It’s believed that the fox have entered the henhouse and become trapped inside by light-controlled automatic hatch doors.

It was told, the chickens used to coop to lays their eggs and they always kept the place secure like being their own “GUARDIANS OF THE COOP”, the fox tried to break through but it didn’t happen. For such massive failure the fox was ambushed and killed by the flock of chickens.

In 2010, three hens called Izzy, Pongo and Pecky – with the help of a large cockerel – killed a fox that invaded their coop in Basildon, Essex.


Written by Light Yagami

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