Angelina Jolie Falls In Love With A Rohingya On Her Visit To Rohingya Camp And Shows Middle Finger To Brad Pitt


One day ago famous Hollywood star Angelina Jolie visits Bangladesh Cox’s Bazaar as an ambassador of UNHCR. She straight went to visit the camp immediately after landing. She was seen talking to the Rohingyas asking them about their sufferings.


But later she met a Rohingya guy in whom she saw the reflection of Brad Pitt. She immediately asked the guy about his name. The guy said that his name was Mr. Keramot which was another impressing factor that made Angelina more weak. Angelina gave him a marriage proposal.

The man was in two mind whether to marry a women whom he doesn’t know. After letting know Mr Keramot that Angelina has a lot money he agreed to marry Angelina. Angelina even took private pictures with him which wasn’t published anywhere. It is a matter of pride for every Rohingyas.


So we are looking forward to know more about this. We will be keeping track and reports on both Keramot and Angelina. Stay tuned to know more in future.


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