Angelina Jolie Actually Arrives In Bangladesh To Make A Sculpture Of Her Made By Mrinal Haque


Those who watch Hollywood movies know Angelina Jolie very well. She is a famous Hollywood Actress. The surprising news about her is that recently she has come to Bangladesh to visit the Rohingya refugees under UN refugee agency. But the actual reason of her visiting Bangladesh is not that.


A few days ago she came to know that famous Bangladeshi sculpture Mrinal Haque made some sculptures of world famous people & the sculptures are being exhibited in a museum of Gulshan now. She saw the photos of those sculptures in social media & liked his work a lot. So she also wanted to have a sculpture of her made by Mrinal Haque. As she could not do contact with him through mails for some technical issues, she decided to come to Dhaka to meet him & request him to make a sculpture of her.


The work of Mrinal Haque was criticized a lot by so many people in the social media but when someone like Angelina Jolie comes from USA only to meet him, it proves he has done such a great job & we all hope to see the sculpture of Angelina Jolie soon.


Written by Goku

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